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Most health insurance policies have a provision that entitles your health insurance company to secure repayment from the party that caused your injuries. This is known as subrogation. You may think that you have health insurance to protect you and that you will not have to give any of your accident compensation to your health insurer. Most insurance policies have dangerous traps for injury victims who do not understand subrogation. At Friedman Law Offices, we deal with the complexities of subrogation. While you may think that this is not your concern, you need an attorney to handle subrogation matters and protect your rights. The insurance company will have representation. You should, too.

Subrogation cases are yet another reason why an injured party or the family members of a wrongful death victim need legal advocacy. For help in this complicated area of personal injury law, contact us at 888-419-6876.

In many subrogation cases, the health insurance company accepts a final payment that is less than what is owed. Frequently, health insurers assert a subrogated interest even though the law prohibits them from doing so. The experienced attorneys at Friedman Law Offices understand the complexities of health insurance contracts and will work tirelessly to see that your settlement or verdict goes primarily in YOUR pocket and NOT to your health insurance company.

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