Child Abuse & Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is the use of force, pressure, or manipulation of a child by an adult or adolescent for the sake of sexual gratification. There are many forms of Child Sexual Abuse.

  • Forcible Rape
  • Psychological Pressure or Coercion
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Proliferating Child Pornography

The list can go on and on.

According to, child protective services substantiates, or finds evidence for, a claim of child sex abuse every 9 minutes. Often times this abuse is not disclosed to anyone for the fear of embarrassment or repercussions from the abuser. The toll that sexual abuse can take on a child mentally and physically, can have long term effects. Survivors of child sexual abuse often times will suffer from mental illnesses, depression and other disorders.

Coming forward with a sexual abuse case can be intimidating, but Friedman Law Office is here to serve you. We are extremely experienced in child sex abuse cases involving clergy, family members, foster parents and health care professionals. Unfortunately, it is impossible to undo the horrifying act, and even though there is no amount of money that could take away the trauma, it is possible to receive compensation to help pay for medical expenses, and psychological or psychiatric treatment.

Our team of lawyers understands the sensitivity and severity of an abuse case and we will work our hardest to ensure you receive the outcome and compensation that you deserve.

An initial consultation is free, and we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get paid. This helps take the already insurmountable stress off you and your family.

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