Let Friedman Drive

Let Friedman Drive

When: December 15th – December 31st

What Time: 9 pm – 2 am

Who to Call: 402.474.SAFE (402.474.7233)

The U.S National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that drunk drivers play a role in about 40 percent of traffic deaths over Christmas and New Years. The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that throughout the year, 10,000 people die on U.S. roads due to drunk driving. All of these can be avoided and lives don’t have to be lost. Don’t be a statistic this year, Let Friedman Drive. We are dedicated to keeping our community safe so we provide rides home to those who have been drinking during the holiday season.

What Days?

Every year our firm teams up with Z-trip to offer FREE rides home. Between December 15th and December 31st, if you find yourself drunk and unable to drive home, call for us to pick you up. Don’t risk the lives of you or anyone else by thinking you can drive while drunk.

Requesting A Ride

We’ve made it simple to request your ride home. Either through the Z-Trip mobile application or by calling 402.474.SAFE (402.474.7233)

If you don’t have the app, it’s easy to download.

  • Navigate to your phone’s applications store – Google Play on Android or App Store on iPhone.
  • Search Z-Trip
  • Click download
  • Follow the steps to create an account

Have your app set up and ready in the event you need to use it. Between December 15th through December 31st, all rides between 9 PM and 2 AM requested through Z-Trip after clicking the Let Friedman Drive banner, will be free of charge.

Our goal is to get EVERYONE home safely! Help keep the roads of Lincoln safe this holiday season and LET FRIEDMAN DRIVE.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 866-458-5468. Our staff will be happy to help.

Have a safe and fun holiday season and Happy Holidays from Friedman Law!