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May 2015 Archives

Crane rollover causes fatal on-the-job injury in Nebraska

As in other states, employers in Nebraska must comply with the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, some company owners disregard worker safety, and this often results in an on-the-job injury or accident that can even be fatal. Operators of heavy equipment, such as cranes, must receive adequate training to ensure the safe operation of these dangerous machines.

Massive vehicle recall due to airbags with serious injury threat

In 1980, Ford recalled 21 million cars with transmission problems, and until recently, that was a record. Takata airbag manufacturers recalled 18 million vehicles recently, and the company now expanded that recall to total approximately 34 million vehicles with defective airbags, in Nebraska and elsewhere. The airbags that were intended to protect motorists from serious injury when accidents occur have turned out to be a severe threat, and multiple lives have been lost.

Hospital joins in defective product lawsuit

Many Nebraska readers have heard the term superbug but may not be quite clear on exactly what it means or what level of personal risk is posed by a superbug outbreak. In short, a superbug is a type of bacteria that has evolved to become highly resistant to antibiotics and poses a high level of risk to those who are exposed. Superbugs are often found in medical environments, where they have plenty of opportunities to grow stronger and spread. When a superbug outbreak occurs, those who are exposed can become very sick or even die. In the wake of a serious outbreak within one hospital, a defective product lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer of a medical scope believed to have spread the bacteria.

Injured workers may need assistance to address denied benefits

Regardless of who is at fault, Nebraska workers who have suffered injuries while they were on duty are entitled to pursue compensation for medical and other expenses related to workplace accidents. While some employers or insurers pay valid benefit claims without hesitation, many workers face denied benefits and have to fight for fair compensation. The best way to pursue compensation may be to utilize the services of a professional who has a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and can apply the knowledge to benefit the injured worker.