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December 2013 Archives

Nebraska car accident injures 1

Holiday traffic can often make the interstates all over the United States heavily congested. This paired with the negligence of some drivers can often create highly dangerous situations and tragic outcomes. People can be injured or even killed in these accidents, which can often hurt everyone that is involved. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska injured one person recently.

Nebraska fatal accident kills 2 girls, injures 2 others

Winter can be a wonderful season around the holidays, but the weather conditions that come with the season do not always make the greatest driving conditions. Snow can be very hard to drive in for a young driver, and when the snow melts it can cause the roads to become slick. Unfortunately, two girls traveling in a vehicle were recently killed when a fatal accident took place in Nebraska.

Nebraska car accident ends in arrest of 1 man

Driving under the influence is a major problem in the United States. Although it appears that the media has tried desperately to publicize this problem and warn drivers to avoid drinking and driving, thousands of people are killed each year by other drivers making this foolish mistake. Unfortunately, this could be the wretched cause of a car accident that killed a woman in Nebraska recently.

Nebraska car accident injures 2 priests

Car accidents that involve three or more vehicles can often end in serious injuries, especially for those who are in the middle car or cars. Unfortunately, on roads where cars travel faster than normal, a simple mistake by one driver can create horrendous crashes with serious injuries. One car accident in Nebraska that involved multiple cars left two people with serious injuries.

Nebraska woman still awaiting trial for fatal accident

The effects of a fatal car accident can have a major emotional impact on the family of the victims who died in the collision. However, many do not think of the months after the accident when some families are thrown into the legal system. The long road leading to justice is not always a nice one and can leave some families in shambles. This road continues for one Amish family who is still awaiting the trial of a woman who supposedly is responsible for the death of one person almost six months ago in a fatal accident in Nebraska.

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