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October 2013 Archives

Nebraska residents injured and killed in 18-wheeler accident

The drivers of semi-trucks can easily forget how massive they are in comparison to other vehicles on the road. This can often lead to very dangerous situations for the drivers of these trucks, as well as other vehicles. Those involved in accidents with semi-trucks can often be left with serious injuries, or can even be killed. Unfortunately, in one 18-wheeler accident recently, a Nebraska woman was killed and another person was injured.

Nebraska man injured on the job by a motor vehicle

Construction crews can sometimes be put into very dangerous situations when their job site is located next to a road. The negligence of drivers can often lead to the injury of these workers, and even missed work for them. Luckily, many of these people have the ability to receive workers' compensation if and when they are injured on the job, which can supplement their income while they are out of work.

Nebraska program helps connect people with insurance company

Many individuals in Nebraska are involved in accidents every week, and some of these individuals unfortunately do not have health insurance. It does not matter if the collision is a car accident, truck accident or involves some other type of motor vehicle: not having insurance could be detrimental. If these people are injured in an accident or injure someone else this money could have to come out of their pocket, which they often do not have. Fortunately, a federal program is helping uninsured Nebraska residents choose an insurance company that will work for them.

Nebraska injuries may be reduced by new texting and driving video

Texting and driving is an increasingly common cause of car accidents in Nebraska and elsewhere. These accidents could often be prevented if the person just waited until they had arrived at their destination before sending or reading a text message. Many companies and organizations are trying to spread the word and publicize this problem that causes so many unnecessary injuries each year. From billboards to advertisements on television, this issue is at the forefront of public attention. A telephone company recently had a short movie made on the topic.

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