Nebraska Injury Lawyer: Darrel Parker Was Coerced Into Confessing to Murder He Didn’t Commit 60 Years Ago

Why would you confess to a crime you didn’t commit?
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Nebraska Injury Lawyer Helps Darrel Parker Get Exoneration & Compensation Decades After His False Imprisonment

In 1955, Darrel Parker’s wife Nancy was raped and killed inside the couple’s own home. Darrel was convicted of first degree murder and incarcerated for 13 years after giving a false and coerced confession. Nebraska Injury Lawyer Herb Friedman and his son, Nebraska Injury Lawyer Dan Friedman represented Darrel Parker and won exoneration, a formal apology by the Nebraska State Attorney General and five hundred thousand dollars in compensation for his ordeal.

When asked what sense of accomplishment he felt after he was able to get Darrel Parker his exoneration, Dan Friedman replied; “It was the greatest moment of my career. Representing injured people is what we do and there’s no greater injury than being victimized by a violent crime and then being further victimized by your own government trying to place the blame on you…”

“It was a privilege representing Darrel,” said Herb Friedman, “…there was a wrong that had clearly been done and the State of Nebraska stepped forward and actually admitted that…”

Nebraska Injury Lawyers Herb and Dan Friedman have earned the highest respect from citizens and lawyers alike as some of the best trial lawyers in America.

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