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Truck Accidents: Why is an Insurance Adjuster Trying to Call Me Afterwards?

Vital secret about truck accidents that insurance companies don't want you to know

Today I'm going to give you some answers about why insurance adjusters often try to get ahold of people on the phone after their truck accidents, and what you should do if it happens to you

Truck Accident Lawyer: Tips

Truck Accident Help in Nebraska

Being in a trucking accident is scary. You are probably hurt, scared or worse. You can contact us anytime you need to talk about what happened and see if you have a case.

What does a personal injury lawyer in Nebraska charge?

Just like in most states, Nebraska personal injury lawyers normally do not charge for your case until you win or settle. The amazing thing about a personal injury law firm, is that they are in it with you. They do not take any money until you win or settle, and they pay up front for all the costs. 

How Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help When You Need Help

When you're involved in a truck accident, it can be one of the most devastating experiences of your life. In an instant everything can change. At Friedman Law Offices we understand because we've helped injured people and their families through these situations.

Hiring a Trucking Accident Lawyer

When Should You Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer

This blog briefly explains why it is imperative to hire a trucking accident lawyer immediately after being in an accident. Time is not on your side and the longer you wait, the more likely that you won't get the settlement that you deserve.