Back And Spinal Cord Injury

An Outstanding Record In Nebraska Spinal Cord And Severe Back Injury Litigation

Any traumatic injury to the vertebrae surrounding the spinal cord presents a grave risk of paralysis for the victim. If you have been injured in this way, you should contact Friedman Law Offices. You can reach our spinal cord injury lawyers online or at 888-419-6876.

In cases where the spinal cord is severed, paraplegia or quadriplegia is virtually always the permanent result. Even in cases where apparently minor fractures occur in the neck or the back and there are no apparent or immediate risks of paralysis, the migration of bone fragments into the intervertebral tissues can threaten the spinal cord and cause serious nerve damage.

If you or someone in your family has suffered a severe injury to the neck, back or spinal cord, contact Friedman Law Offices for advice about your legal options for recovering damages against a negligent or reckless defendant.

In spinal cord injury cases, there may be little dispute as to the nature or duration of the injuries, but apportioning the liability between several defendants or documenting the full range of losses and future expenses can present challenges for the victim and his or her family. With 45 years of experience representing severely injured accident victims throughout Nebraska, the attorneys at Friedman Law Offices know how to develop, explain and prove your spinal cord injury claims in convincing detail.

It can be tempting to accept an early settlement offer for what appears to be a substantial amount, only to find on close analysis that the offer falls far short of what is necessary to cover the medical, rehabilitation and home assistance expense that a spinal cord injury might expect to incur for many years. Our lawyers have experience in litigation involving permanent disabilities and injuries and can protect you from the risk of settling your claim for less than what you need.

Even back or neck injuries that involve no spinal cord damage can require a sequence of surgical procedures, long periods of recovery and intense pain. Our attorneys can protect your interests in disc herniation or spinal fusion cases as well as other serious injury accidents.


If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, contact Friedman Law Offices. Our office is in Lincoln, but we successfully advocate for clients throughout Nebraska. You can contact us or at 888-419-6876 for an immediate evaluation of your case. There is no cost for an initial consultation.