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Fatal accident in Nebraska claims life of young man

Owning a motorcycle is often the fantasy of most American teenage boys. Their low gas consumption and the fun that goes with riding one make a motorcycle even more enticing. However, motorcycles are not known for their safety, and all too many young lives have been claimed by an accident that involves one of these machines. These accidents are not always caused by the actions of the motorcyclists, but instead the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, a young Nebraska man was killed recently in a fatal accident.

Fatal accident in Nebraska injures 2 and kills 1

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, especially when a semi-truck is involved. The accident is often ten times worse when one of these massive vehicles is involved, and the effects are also often much worse. Unfortunately, a Nebraska woman has died after receiving serious injuries from a fatal accident.

Fatal accident in Nebraska results in death and brain injury

Accidents happen all over the United States every day. These can include cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and in some regions like Nebraska where there are Amish communities, horse-drawn carts can be involved. Unfortunately, one such accident occurred on July 21 when a woman ran into the back of a horse-drawn buggy and caused a fatal accident.

Charge filed for Nebraska fatal accident that killed toddler

Weather is often blamed for a fatal accident, but it is sometimes more a driver's reaction to deteriorating weather conditions than the weather itself that should be blamed. All drivers know that poor road conditions, whether due to snow, ice or rain, warrant a lower, safer speed and require a longer braking distance than ideal conditions. This is all too clear for one Nebraska family whose lives were forever changed by a fatal accident that took place during a snowstorm.

Nebraska police continue to look into fatal accident

Farmers driving tractors along Nebraska roads are a common sight for many motorists. Unfortunately, there are times when these slow moving vehicles become involved in a fatal accident. Other vehicles traveling faster than them may not see the tractor in time to avoid a collision from occurring.

Family is awarded $90 million after teenage girl's tragic death

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be terribly difficult. People in Lincoln and others living elsewhere may not know how to move forward with their lives. Their grief may be unimaginable.

Slippery conditions leave 2 people dead

People who live in the Midwest are used to extreme weather conditions. In the summer, many states experience extreme heat. In the winter, many Midwestern states are hit with frigid temperatures and snow storms.

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