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I am Greg Coffey of Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks for visiting our blog. A lot of times we get calls from people who have been involved in serious car accidents and are in need of medical care, but have no health insurance and aren't sure how to pay for it.

Dan Friedman What happens when you're injured by a drunk driver?

The other person was drunk what?

I'm Dan Friedman. Suppose you are injured by a drunk driver? Clients often think that is the end of the case and they should be paid at once. If they are forced to file suit clients feel like THEY are on trial, as opposed to the person that caused the accident in the first place. The reason this happens is that the at-fault drivers almost always simply admit that they caused the accident. In Nebraska, this kind of admission ends any and all inquiries into the nature of the defendant's negligence.

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