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Insurance can provide peace of mind by providing financial assistance for you and your family after an accident or tragic event. If you pay your premiums and an accident occurs, you should be able to expect that the insurance company will pay you money under the terms of your policy. However, sometimes this does not happen. An insurance company may unreasonably deny your claim or fraudulently lead you to believe that you have coverage that does not exist. If an unscrupulous insurance company has taken advantage of you in your time of need, Friedman Law Offices can provide you with assistance. Our lawyers can help you build a case for insurance fraud or bad faith.

An insurance company has a duty to honor the obligations contained in its contract with you. The insurance company must deal with you fairly, giving more consideration to its insured customers than to its own interest. Bad faith claims arise when the insurance company fails to act within the terms of that contract.

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If you believe your insurance company has committed fraud against you or acted in bad faith, contact Friedman Law Offices, Nebraska insurance lawyers. Our office is in Lincoln, but we successfully advocate for clients throughout the state. You can contact us or at 888-419-6876 for an immediate evaluation of your case. There is no cost for an initial consultation.