Dog Bites

Outstanding Nebraska Dog Bite Lawyers

The old saying is that “any dog can bite.” For that reason, the law in Nebraska has evolved to protect the public so that there is no “one free bite” rule before an owner is responsible for injury caused by his or her dog. In most other personal injury cases, the injured party would have to prove that the other party was careless or negligent in some way before he or she could recover for the injuries. In dog bites, however, that is not the case. Under Nebraska law, the owner of a dog is automatically responsible for injuries caused by his or her dog biting someone else unless the dog was provoked by the injured person.

If you are injured by a dog bite, you should:

  • Inform the owner of the dog as soon as possible.
  • Seek medical attention if the dog’s teeth have broken your skin. This is important to help prevent infections that may develop in untreated bite wounds.
  • Make sure to take photos of your injuries and, if possible, of the dog that attacked you.
  • Report the attack to authorities, either the police or the local humane society, so an investigation takes place. If the dog must be labeled as vicious, your report may help prevent subsequent attacks by that dog.

While homeowners insurance will generally cover dog bite claims up to the limit of coverage purchased by the homeowner, unfortunately, no law in Nebraska requires dog owners — particularly owners of breeds with known aggressive propensities — to carry liability coverage for their dogs. Most pet owners are responsible; many are not. If the owner of an aggressive dog carries no insurance and has no personal resources to cover a damage claim, the injured victim could be left with no way to pay his or her medical expenses or to be compensated for injuries that can be severe and even disabling. If you or someone you know has suffered injury by a dog whose owner had no liability coverage, you should contact your state legislator and urge him or her to change the law so that dog owners, particularly of those breeds known to be aggressive, must maintain liability coverage on their dogs. We’re required by law to maintain liability coverage on our cars. Why not also on our dogs?


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