Defective Products

Injured By A Defective Product?

A seemingly harmless product can cause serious injury and death because of a hidden defect. Manufacturers that put safety second and try to cut corners end up paying more with damage to their reputation and bottom line. You may feel intimidated going after a large company or multinational corporation. That is where an attorney at Friedman Law Offices can help you.

Since 1962, our excellent lawyers have helped injured Nebraska residents seek justice against product manufacturers that put profits above everything else. We will help even the odds against you. Contact us at 888-419-6876.

An Outstanding Law Firm Identifying Negligence And Seeking Justice For You

A perfectly designed product can become defective in the manufacturing stage. Attending to all details in assembling the product means little when the design is bad. Knowing where the negligence occurred is vital and you need a seasoned attorney to investigate all aspects of a defective product claim.

At Friedman Law Offices, we investigate all aspects of the accident. We team with experts to identify the defective product and the level of negligence that resulted when it was introduced to the market.

Excellent Attorneys Advocating For Clients During Difficult Times

From defective drugs and truck brakes to poorly designed tractors and combines, we fight for those who have been injured or are grieving the death of a loved one. Heavy equipment is already inherently dangerous without a designer or manufacturer taking a shortcut and ignoring consumers’ safety.

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