Bus Crashes

Were You Injured In A Bus Crash In Nebraska?

While bus crashes are rare in Nebraska, they do happen, and when they do, they often result in massive injuries or multiple deaths. At Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, our lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of all types of motor vehicle crashes, including incidents involving common carriers such as buses. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your rights.

Common Carriers Have A Higher Duty Of Care

When we board a bus, we trust that the vehicle has been properly maintained and that the driver is qualified to drive the vehicle. However, serious injury and deaths can result from negligence such as:

  • Failure of the driver to maintain control of the vehicle
  • Tire blowouts that can cause rollovers
  • Failure of bus safety equipment due to lack of maintenance
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Common carriers such as buses and taxicabs have a higher duty of care toward their passengers than drivers of other vehicles. For example, if you are passenger in a car, the driver only needs to exercise “reasonable care” to prevent passenger injury. The driver of a common carrier such as a bus or taxi must use the “highest care” to keep passengers safe. In other words, the driver must do all that he or she can do to avoid harm to passengers. Special rules apply to securing the safety of children and disabled passengers.

Free Consultation With Outstanding Attorneys

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