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How an Attorney Can Help with a Work Comp Case

The work that goes into ensuring a fair resolution to a workers' comp case is complicated. Often, the injured party finds the process beyond their reach because they are already suffering from a work-related injury. If you have been injured at work, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Workers Comp Frequently Asked Questions

Depositphotos_25468263_l-2015.jpgAt work, even when we're being the most careful, accidents can happen. No matter the work setting, whether that be an office, outdoors or in an industrial work environment, your employer is required to have workers compensation insurance (save for a few exceptions). If you or someone you know has just been injured on the job, they might have a lot of questions; claims can become confusing, stressful and at times, it can be difficult to work with your employer's insurance. 

Employee faces reversal in workers' compensation ruling

A workers' compensation ruling was recently reversed in a Nebraska Supreme Court decision. The court declared that the exclusion of one word from the correct standard to apply might be enough to withhold the workers' compensation benefits to an employee who had been injured at a social event organized by his employer. Although the employee's attorney had no comment about the ruling, the counsel for the employer conceded the legal process was not yet over.

Machinist suffers on-the-job injury

When a worker has been injured on the job in Nebraska, this can pose a financial hardship on the worker and his or her family. One worker in another state recently suffered an on-the-job injury after working with a machine that did not have safety devices. This incident led to his employer being fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Nebraska company involved in workers' compensation appeal

The previous judgment from a workers' compensation death benefit appeal by an insurance company based in Nebraska has been overturned in favor of the family of the victim. The family of a 36-year-old carpenter said he died from an overdose of prescription drugs after hurting himself on the job. The verdict on this workers' compensation case has been reversed twice.

Crane rollover causes fatal on-the-job injury in Nebraska

As in other states, employers in Nebraska must comply with the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, some company owners disregard worker safety, and this often results in an on-the-job injury or accident that can even be fatal. Operators of heavy equipment, such as cranes, must receive adequate training to ensure the safe operation of these dangerous machines.

Injured workers may need assistance to address denied benefits

Regardless of who is at fault, Nebraska workers who have suffered injuries while they were on duty are entitled to pursue compensation for medical and other expenses related to workplace accidents. While some employers or insurers pay valid benefit claims without hesitation, many workers face denied benefits and have to fight for fair compensation. The best way to pursue compensation may be to utilize the services of a professional who has a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and can apply the knowledge to benefit the injured worker.

Nebraska man dies after suffering on-the-job injury

Falls are one of the most common accidents that occur on work sites. In a number of cases, proper safety equipment can reduce the possibility of injury or death. Unfortunately, even when protective equipment is used, a worker can still be injured or killed by a fall, which often leads to the need for workers' compensation benefits.This may be the case for the family of one Nebraska man who died after an on-the-job injury.

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