Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices

Consumers rely on drug companies and medical device manufacturers to provide safe and effective solutions for their health problems. Most of the time, these manufacturers perform admirably, providing us with products that improve, and in some cases extend, our lives.

Sadly, there are also many instances in which these companies bring dangerous products to market. A product may not have been tested as thoroughly as advertised or might not work as well as claimed. The company might have even been aware a product was unsafe but sold it anyway.

Whatever the reasons companies sell dangerous drugs and/or defective medical products, it is the patient who pays the cost, through illness, disability and even wrongful death. It is for these victims that Friedman Law Offices has striven to achieve compensation for the past 50 years.

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If you live in Nebraska and have taken a drug or had a medical device implanted that made you ill, our attorneys can work to recover money to pay your medical bills, lost wages, permanent or temporary disability, rehabilitation or other costs related to your condition.

Our lawyers are experienced with these types of claims, and we work with teams of medical experts, who pinpoint the causes of your illness and determine if a negligent drug company or medical device manufacturer contributed to or caused it.

We represent clients in claims regarding these and other drugs and implants:

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