I am very satisfied with the legal services Dan provided to me after I was involved in a head-on collision. I had a case that dragged out for a few years and Dan stuck by me the entire time. He was a good lawyer who did his due diligence for my case. I was very pleased that he was humble enough to ask for his colleagues’ opinions to help prepare for my case, too, to make certain he covered all angles he possibly could. Even though I hired Dan and we had a business relationship, Dan wanted to know me on a personal level as well, which made the experience of going to trial less daunting. I think developing that rapport allowed us to work well together and I trusted him. Dan also stays current with trends and new strategies/approaches that other attorneys are using across the nation. We actually tried a new approach he had never tried before. Even though it was Dan’s first time using the approach, I felt comfortable with it because I trusted him. Even though my case took a few years to close, Dan kept on top of it the entire time. He would periodically check in on me and see how my recovery was going. There were many times I was very slow at responding or getting information to Dan, so Dan took matters into his own hands and did the work himself, which I very much appreciated. It’s not like Dan worked tirelessly only at the end when we were gearing up for trial. No, Dan worked tirelessly throughout the whole four years it took to close my case. I would without a doubt recommend Dan and hire him again if I ever needed representation. Throughout the entire process, Dan also always checked with me to make sure I was comfortable in the methods he was using. Dan was direct when it came to explaining the risks involved with going to trial and still told me if I have any reservations, it was never too late to settle. Dan picked up on when areas of the case or judicial system I needed clarification on and took the time to explain everything to me in layman’s terms. He sacrificed his weekends and late weeknights to meet with me and accommodate my schedule. My only regret with Dan was I wish I had hired him sooner while I was still in the hospital vs. I waited until I was discharged and mobile again to seek legal representation. My case had a couple challenges to it, but Dan was still confident enough to take it to trial. If he hadn’t been so confident, then I would have had reservations about going to trial and settled for way less than what I deserve. I’m grateful for the service Dan provided and outcome we got in court. Dan definitely fights for you and what you rightfully deserve. I’ve hired another attorney before on a totally unrelated matter and Dan’s service blows the other attorney’s service out of the water. There is no comparison to the service Dan gave me and the other. Even though I paid the other attorney hourly for her time, she never really fought for me to get what I wanted or listened to my needs. On the other hand, Dan doesn’t even get paid unless he gets a settlement yet he still devoted much time and effort into my case without seeing anything until four years later. I think that speaks volumes. Dan cares, listens and is an invaluable asset to the legal community.


G. Nguyen