I was in an accident and Dan visited me in the hospital and took my case. Dan worked tirelessly and effortlessly on my case. He listens and is very good communicating with me through phone and email. Dan gives very good advice and will tell you to follow it and to trust him. Dan is very good at explaining and updating on what is happening with the case. If you got questions, Dan will respond right away. Dan is a very good attorney who will listen to your problems and will fight every step of the way for his client. Dan is very knowledgeable and an expert on what he does best and will tell you to never settle for less even if you have doubts. I’m very thankful for Dan’s time, dedication, determination, commitment, professionalism, patience and trustworthiness. Attorney Dan Friedman is also easy to get along with. I was very comfortable talking to Dan. I would definitely rate Dan the highest rating possible. I would absolutely refer attorney Dan Friedman to friends and family because he is that good at what he does. I’m very happy with the results and the outcome of my case. I appreciate Dan for everything and all his effort and hard work! Dan is hands down the best attorney I ever had and I am very happy to have attorney Dan Friedman to represent me and my case.


Brad B.