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Nebraska car accident leaves 2 people injured

Drivers run red lights for many different reasons; it could be that the light changed too quickly or that they were not paying attention. Regardless, this action can throw caution to the wind and endanger the lives of other drivers on the road. Serious accidents can occur simply because someone did not wait until it was his or her turn to go. Unfortunately, a similar car accident in Nebraska recently left both drivers injured.

Car accident in Nebraska kills 1 woman

Car accidents occur daily in the United States, and many of these accidents leave victims seriously injured or even dead. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to avoid these accidents, especially when they occur late at night or early in the morning when visibility is low and driving is more difficult. Unfortunately, an early morning car accident in Nebraska killed one woman on Nov. 3.

Nebraska injuries may be reduced by new texting and driving video

Texting and driving is an increasingly common cause of car accidents in Nebraska and elsewhere. These accidents could often be prevented if the person just waited until they had arrived at their destination before sending or reading a text message. Many companies and organizations are trying to spread the word and publicize this problem that causes so many unnecessary injuries each year. From billboards to advertisements on television, this issue is at the forefront of public attention. A telephone company recently had a short movie made on the topic.

Personal injury claims in Nebraska often a struggle

Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, no matter how minor the injury sustained might be. Unfortunately, as many Nebraska residents have discovered, receiving insurance compensation for a minor injury can be problematic. A recent study suggests that even if an accident is not deemed to be the fault of the injured party, insurance companies may be reticent about paying out claims.

Nebraska car accident takes man's life

Death is always tragic to the family of the recently deceased, especially when the death is unexpected. An unforeseen car accident can devastate a family, but if it is fatal the accident can completely turn their whole world upside down. Unfortunately, a Nebraska family is now feeling this pain after a fatal car accident claimed another life.

Nebraska car accident death toll rises from 2012

Under any circumstances, suffering a serious injury is traumatic and often life changing. Being involved in a car accident that was the fault of another party adds to the trauma, resulting in shock and even feelings of anger. While no amount of financial compensation can heal the wounds, a successfully litigated personal injury suit may ease some of the financial issues that inevitably accompany these types of tragedies.

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