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How to Hire a Car Accident Law Firm in Lincoln NE

If you've been in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you're probably wondering what kinds of expenses your insurance company, or the other driver's insurance company be paying for. One thing you might not know is that your own insurance company likely won't be fighting for you the way you would think. 

Homicide-related arrest follows car accident in Nebraska

A car accident is an experience that no one wants to have. Yet these types of occurrences happen regularly on the highways and back roads in Nebraska. Often, the car accident is little more than a "fender bender." While this type of minor car accident is an annoyance, if it is one from which everyone walks away without injury, it is often chalked up to mild misfortune. However, when the collision results in the death of a passenger or driver, the event takes on a much different character.

Injuries are common consequences of Nebraska car crashes

A common result of two-vehicle accidents is that at least one party suffers from injuries sustained during the crash. The sheer force of the impact can throw the human body in a multitude of directions, depending upon where the impact occurs, the speed involved and other factors. It is hardly surprising that so many Nebraska headlines regarding car, SUV, truck and motorcycle accidents include mentions of injuries.

Nebraska authorities release informantion about fatal wreck

Fortunately, not every car wreck results in fatalities. However, when drivers, passengers or pedestrians are killed as a direct result of a wreck, it is important for victims' loved ones to realize that they have options. Specifically, the Nebraska courts offer them the opportunity to pursue legal means to obtain compensation for their family members' deaths.

Car accident kills 35-year-old Nebraska man

Car accidents that result in injuries can be difficult enough on the victims and their families, but when a victim is killed it can cause severe emotional trauma for a family. This emotional trauma can often impact family members for an extended period of time and change their lives forever. Unfortunately, one Nebraska family now knows the pain of such a loss after a car accident took the life of a loved one.

Nebraska car accident leaves 2 injured

New drivers are not as experienced as those that have been on the road for a longer period of time. Although this is not always an issue, it can create problems when these young drivers are put in situations while behind the wheel that benefit from experience. These kinds of situations can quickly escalate into accidents and may even leave those involved with serious injuries. Unfortunately, one car accident in Nebraska involving a new driver recently sent two people to the hospital.

8 injured in car accident in Nebraska involving 5 vehicles

Car accidents that involve two vehicles are often serious enough, but, when multiple vehicles are involved, the severity of the incident is often heightened. A multi-car accident can leave those involved with severe injuries, and send numerous people to the hospital. Unfortunately, one recent car accident in Nebraska ended with eight individuals being sent to the hospital for treatment.

Nebraska car accident injures 2 in Scottsbluff

Pedestrian accidents typically cause severe injuries. However, if these victims are treated soon enough, many of them can be saved. Although the hospital can often help the victim recuperate and slowly return to their lives, no one can fully heal the emotional wounds that are caused by being in an accident. Fortunately, one Nebraska victim's condition has been upgraded to fair after he was injured in a car accident.

Was Nebraska driver drunk or distracted in fatal car accident?

Car accidents can sometimes be more severe than normal, but the unfortunate fact is that the majority of these accidents are caused by negligent driving. These types of accidents can seriously injure or even kill those involved, but could be easily prevented if a driver paid attention to their surroundings while operating a motor vehicle. One car accident in Nebraska recently killed one and injured several others.

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