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Car Accidents Archives

Nebraska man and four others injured in car accident

A Nebraska man was arrested after allegedly causing a car accident that resulted in injury to five people, including himself. The arrest came three days after the actual car accident. At the time of a report on the incident, he had not posted the bail he needed for release.

Car accident kills Nebraska man

A Nebraska man has been declared dead after a car accident that happened one recent afternoon. Another vehicle was involved, but that driver was only slightly injured and was treated at the scene. Police say they are still investigating the car accident to determine if one of the drivers had been drinking or speeding.

Serious injuries reported in 2 car Nebraska accident

It isn't unusual to hear about accident reports and corresponding personal injuries throughout Nebraska. However, it's always eye-opening when the allegedly responsible party turns out to be someone almost 100 years old. While there is no hard and fast rule about people this age being able to drive, the question as to whether age could be considered a factor in a crash that results in injuries and was caused by a driver in his 90s is an interesting one to consider.

Could an exoskeleton assist in recovery after a car accident?

When a Nebraska resident is involved in a serious car crash, the end result can be a devastating spinal cord injury. These types of injuries often lead to a lack of bodily control, and many spinal cord patients experience partial paralysis. The rehabilitative process that can follow a car accident can be long, difficult and frustrating. Fortunately, there are many groups around the world who are dedicated to finding technological solutions to these types of injuries.

Alcohol played role in head-on wreck that injured two in Nebraska

Being able to walk away from a head-on collision with minor injuries can always be considered a positive outcome. However, even minor injuries can require medical attention that can affect a victim financially. For every wreck in Nebraska in which people are hurt, medical expenses are sure to follow. 

Nebraska law to protect wheelchair users' personal injury rights

In the state of Nebraska, a bill is being discussed that would give those who have to use wheelchairs in a crosswalk the same rights and protections as those who choose to walk or jog in crosswalks. This means that if a wheelchair user who follows the traffic rules is hit by a vehicle, he or she will be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit under the same law that covers pedestrians. This is a boost for those in wheelchairs who may have felt that their personal injury rights were not being met by lawmakers.

Injured Nebraska car accident victims always have options

It isn't unusual to hear about a car accident somewhere in Nebraska on a regular basis, and many people may be injured as a result of the incident. Those victims may then seek compensation from the person believed responsible for the crash to seek recovery of their related expenses and other financial losses. Sometimes, the individual deemed to have been responsible died in the car accident, in which case victims still have the option to pursue a lawsuit against the estate of the deceased driver.

Wintry Nebraska roads result in multiple car accidents

Winter in Nebraska can be a rough time of the year, especially when ice, snow and sleet shower the state. To prevent car accidents, drivers must remain vigilant, and they must also maintain their vehicles properly to avoid problems. Many times, authorities suggest that drivers stay off of Nebraska highways when wintry weather gets particularly treacherous; however, this is not always possible and sometimes leads to car accidents.

How to Hire a Lincoln NE Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you've been in a motorcycle accident your life can be completely turned upside down. Then when you think things can't get worse, your own insurance company offers you an amount you don't think is going to quite cover your expenses for time off work and to replace your motorcycle, not to mention the doctor bills that are piling up. 

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