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What does a personal injury lawyer in Nebraska charge?

Just like in most states, Nebraska personal injury lawyers normally do not charge for your case until you win or settle. The amazing thing about a personal injury law firm, is that they are in it with you. They do not take any money until you win or settle, and they pay up front for all the costs. 

What do Injury Lawyers do and Why Would You Need One?

What do Injury Lawyers Do?

Injury lawyers are attorneys that protect the rights of individuals when they've been hurt. They are the law firms that go up against big companies on your behalf. Often you don't even realize there is a big company behind your injury.

Herb Friedman | What is Negligence?

I'm Herb Friedman of Friedman Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks for visiting our blog. Many of our clients ask what the term "negligence" really means. It is frequently applied in motor vehicle cases as well as other types of lawsuits. Negligence is what is referred to in law as a tort, and a tort is a civil wrong inflicted by one person on another. Negligence is one of several kinds of torts, the others being intentional conduct and strict liability. Most tort cases deal with negligence, and negligence is nothing more than one person acting in a manner that a reasonably prudent person would not have acted, or not acting as a reasonably prudent would have acted. 

Nebraska Injury Lawyer Answers Your Questions: What is a Deposition?

Nebraska Injury Lawyer Tells You: How Does a Deposition Work?

Can what you say in your deposition affect your case?
Do you have to be deposed?
How will a Nebraska Injury Lawyer help you prepare for your deposition?
What will your Nebraska Injury Lawyer ask you in the deposition?
What will the other lawyer ask you in your deposition?
Does a deposition cost anything for you?
A Nebraska Injury Lawyer will consult with you for free about your potential injury case

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