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Family files wrongful death lawsuit after death of Nebraska girl

The family of a Nebraska girl has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her boyfriend pleaded no contest to her murder. The family says it wants answers from the local police department as well as the mental health facility where the boyfriend was supposed to be in custody. The amount of financial compensation the family is seeking from the wrongful death suit will be adjudicated during the course of the trial.

Nebraska driver leaves scene after causing fatal accident

As every Nebraska driver is cautioned from the time he or she first learns to operate a motor vehicle, it is critical to remain at the scene of a crash. Nevertheless, many drivers choose to leave the scene without remaining to offer aid and to wait for law enforcement personnel to arrive. In one recent crash, a driver who apparently caused a fatal accident attempted to put distance between himself and the scene. Fortunately for police, a good Samaritan tracked him down, enabling legal authorities to charge him for his role in the fatal accident.

Failure to yield thought to be cause of Nebraska fatal accident

Abiding by the rules of the road is necessary to avoid any kind of traffic incident. Without adherence to proper driving techniques, a driver can make errors that could lead to a fatal accident. Even if the driver who caused a fatal crash was not intentionally trying to harm the other person, Nebraska law is clear that -- depending on the underlying facts -- the party at fault could be charged criminally and/or civilly.

Crash proves to be fatal accident months after collision

A fatal accident does not always result in the immediate death of the victim. Many people involved in crashes in Nebraska are injured severely and taken for emergency medical treatment. Sometimes, that treatment cannot save them, turning a crash into a fatal accident.

Could medical errors constitute a wrongful death in Nebraska?

Most Nebraska readers remember the day that a pilot safely landed his plane in the Hudson River. The sound recording between him and the air traffic control tower quickly went viral because of his calm and collected tone, and many considered him a national hero. However, after the media moved on to another story not much was heard about the steely pilot. Now, however, he is fighting an even bigger threat that could be a cause for the wrongful death for hundreds of innocent victims.

Charge filed for Nebraska fatal accident that killed toddler

Weather is often blamed for a fatal accident, but it is sometimes more a driver's reaction to deteriorating weather conditions than the weather itself that should be blamed. All drivers know that poor road conditions, whether due to snow, ice or rain, warrant a lower, safer speed and require a longer braking distance than ideal conditions. This is all too clear for one Nebraska family whose lives were forever changed by a fatal accident that took place during a snowstorm.

Nebraska police continue to look into fatal accident

Farmers driving tractors along Nebraska roads are a common sight for many motorists. Unfortunately, there are times when these slow moving vehicles become involved in a fatal accident. Other vehicles traveling faster than them may not see the tractor in time to avoid a collision from occurring.

Family is awarded $90 million after teenage girl's tragic death

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be terribly difficult. People in Lincoln and others living elsewhere may not know how to move forward with their lives. Their grief may be unimaginable.

Slippery conditions leave 2 people dead

People who live in the Midwest are used to extreme weather conditions. In the summer, many states experience extreme heat. In the winter, many Midwestern states are hit with frigid temperatures and snow storms.

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