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Alcohol played role in head-on wreck that injured two in Nebraska

Being able to walk away from a head-on collision with minor injuries can always be considered a positive outcome. However, even minor injuries can require medical attention that can affect a victim financially. For every wreck in Nebraska in which people are hurt, medical expenses are sure to follow. 

Unusual Nebraska truck accident leaves livestock roaming roadway

Truck accidents can result from a multitude of factors.  When the truck accident involves living freight, containing and clearing out the wreck often becomes difficult and costly. This was the case in a recent Nebraska collision.

Nebraska authorities release informantion about fatal wreck

Fortunately, not every car wreck results in fatalities. However, when drivers, passengers or pedestrians are killed as a direct result of a wreck, it is important for victims' loved ones to realize that they have options. Specifically, the Nebraska courts offer them the opportunity to pursue legal means to obtain compensation for their family members' deaths.

Car accident in Nebraska injures 1

Hundreds of car accidents occur every day on the numerous roads that intertwine across the United States. Most of them are not too severe and may involve one or two minor injuries; however, some collisions are much more severe and can leave the individuals involved with very serious injuries or even result in death. If the high speeds that are associated with the interstate are mixed in with the accident, the injuries can be even more severe. One car accident in Nebraska recently left one victim injured.

Car wreck in Nebraska kills man

Car accidents that involve tractor trailers are often severe, if not fatal. A regular sized car or even a smaller truck does not have physics on its side when it is involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Tragedy surrounds tractor trailer accidents because of their enormous size. Even when a driver is passed by one of those massive motor vehicles, their car usually shakes. A Nebraska man was tragically killed recently in a car wreck that involved a semi-truck and another car.

Nebraska teen dies in single car wreck

A night of fun and friends turned tragic when a Nebraska teenager from Eagle died from his injuries in a one car wreck. This tragedy might have been avoided if the passengers had been wearing seat belts. According to the Lancaster sheriff, the chances for survival of a passenger wearing a safety belt is much greater in a roll-over car wreck.

1 dead in Nebraska car accident

A woman who said she left her native state to escape growing violence has been tragically killed in a car wreck, according to local authorities. The woman, who moved to Nebraska thirteen years ago, was killed when a prison inmate driving a van collided with her vehicle. Police are investigating the specifics of the car accident, but no charges have yet been filed.

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