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Nebraska man to stand trial in fatal accident

Losing a loved one is difficult when it is expected. When it is sudden and violent, as is the case in a fatal accident, it can be a devastating blow to family members. As part of the grieving process, many Nebraska residents become outraged and are eager for justice. Even if criminal proceedings are underway, families may decide to seek their own justice as well by filing a wrongful death claim against the person or persons deemed responsible.

Car Accident related death may lead to wrongful death claim

Car accidents happen every day in Nebraska. When those accidents result in fatality, families are left devastated. When a loved one is taken in such a sudden and unexpected way, it is completely understandable for surviving family members to have questions and a need for closure. If negligence is suspected in contributing to a crash, a wrongful death claim may offer legal recourse for the decedent's family.

Nebraska fatal accident takes a life in Omaha

Car accidents can be serious enough if trucks are involved, but if a motorcycle is caught in the collision the severity of the accident can be increased dramatically. The lack of protection that a motorcycle provides its rider, combined with the widespread negligence of drivers when motorcycles are around, can quickly create dangerous situations. These situations sometimes lead to an accident that injures or even kills the motorcycle rider. Unfortunately, one fatal accident in Nebraska recently killed a rider.

Nebraska car accident could result in wrongful death suit

Car accidents occur each and every day throughout the United States; fortunately the majority of these accidents are not serious enough to injure those involved. However, if an accident is caused by negligence on the part of a driver, the severity of the collision often increases increased dramatically. Such accidents can seriously injure or even kill those involved in the collision. A recent crash near Elmwood, Nebraska has taken the life of two people, and may lead to a wrongful death suit against the driver whom police believe caused the crash.

Nebraska man pleads guilty to charges from fatal accident

Car accidents that injure or kill a child can be tragic enough, but if the accident is caused by a reason that could have been easily prevented, the incident can be even more disheartening. Negligence is never a reasonable excuse for an accident, especially if the driver is driving in an outright reckless manner. One man in Nebraska recently pleaded guilty for his involvement in a fatal accident that killed a small child.

Fatal accident in Nebraska causes 1 accident

Thankfully, many car accidents are not serious. When outright negligence is involved, however, the severity of an accident may increase substantially. If a driver collides with another vehicle or even a stationary object at moderate speeds, it can often cause a catastrophic accident that could injure or even kill those involved. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in Nebraska left one person dead and another seriously injured.

Fatal accident kills both driver and passenger

Two families are grieving in the wake of a horrific automobile accident in Sarpy County, Nebraska. The fatal accident took place in the early morning hours of a recent Friday. Police were called to the scene near the Platte River, and found that a pickup truck and a commercial semi had collided in the eastbound lanes of Highway 31

Fatal accident in Nebraska claims life of young man

Owning a motorcycle is often the fantasy of most American teenage boys. Their low gas consumption and the fun that goes with riding one make a motorcycle even more enticing. However, motorcycles are not known for their safety, and all too many young lives have been claimed by an accident that involves one of these machines. These accidents are not always caused by the actions of the motorcyclists, but instead the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, a young Nebraska man was killed recently in a fatal accident.

Family is awarded $90 million after teenage girl's tragic death

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be terribly difficult. People in Lincoln and others living elsewhere may not know how to move forward with their lives. Their grief may be unimaginable.

Recent truck accident may have been the result of unsafe passing

Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of factors. Driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive driving, equipment failures and unsafe passing can all lead to serious accidents. A recent truck accident in a nearby state appears to have been caused by unsafe passing on the part of a truck driver.

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