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Massive vehicle recall due to airbags with serious injury threat

In 1980, Ford recalled 21 million cars with transmission problems, and until recently, that was a record. Takata airbag manufacturers recalled 18 million vehicles recently, and the company now expanded that recall to total approximately 34 million vehicles with defective airbags, in Nebraska and elsewhere. The airbags that were intended to protect motorists from serious injury when accidents occur have turned out to be a severe threat, and multiple lives have been lost.

Nebraska farm job familiarity doesn't erase serious injury risk

For those who work on Nebraska farms, dealing with both mechanical and non-mechanical equipment and other items is a daily task. However, even individuals who have great familiarity with their jobs are at risk of serious injury. Sometimes, that serious injury can be traced back to a defective or flawed product. Consequently, every farm-related incident is typically investigated thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of any injuries suffered.

Another death allegedly follows serious injury caused by airbag

Nebraska residents may be aware of the numerous recalls related to dangerous airbags in various automobile models. A device that is meant to protect car accident victims against serious injury has turned out to threaten the lives of millions of motorists. The results of a recent investigation reveal that Honda and the manufacturers of the Takata airbags have apparently been aware of the deadly threat posed by the airbags for years before taking the recall action. It was reported that the vehicles of 11 auto manufacturers are fitted with airbags made by Takata.

Nebraska residents may not know facts about serious injury case

Nebraska residents may remember the famous lawsuit that swept the nation in the early 1990s -- when a woman sued McDonald's after she had spilled hot coffee on herself. After light was shed on the court case, American citizens quickly formed their own opinions on how the case should have turned out. Most simply based their opinion on the small amount of information that was supplied by the mass media. Unfortunately, if these people had looked at the actual details of the case, and the serious injury that the woman was left with, their opinions might have changed.

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