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Unusual Nebraska truck accident leaves livestock roaming roadway

Truck accidents can result from a multitude of factors.  When the truck accident involves living freight, containing and clearing out the wreck often becomes difficult and costly. This was the case in a recent Nebraska collision.

Truck driver found guilty of manslaughter in Nebraska crash

More than two years ago, a Nebraska woman was killed when a truck crashed into her vehicle.  The incident also left the victim's passengers, both family members, injured as a result.  Now, the truck driver has been found guilty of manslaughter and will spend up to 20 years incarcerated as a result.  Of course, no type of punishment can bring back the woman he killed erase the memory of the tragedy from the passengers' minds.

1 man dies in truck accident between 2 trucks in Nebraska

Those who drive large commercial trucking vehicles need to be extra careful while on the road. These types of vehicles can be more dangerous than a regular passenger car due to a truck's size and lack of maneuverability. Failure of the part of truck drivers in Nebraska to be cautious can result in serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, this was the result of a recent truck accident in Thayer County.

Truck crash in Nebraska injures 3

Semi-trucks are vital vehicles in the nation's massive economy, and they share the roads that are traveled by standard vehicles every day. However, when one of these massive trucks is involved in a collision with a standard vehicle, it can have severe consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, one truck crash in Nebraska recently injured several people.

Semi truck accident kills 2 in Nebraska

Tractor-trailer trucks are essential for companies that ship goods in the United States, and these vehicles are generally safe for those on the roads. However, when a driver blatantly disregards posted traffic signs, chaos can rapidly ensue. Negligent driving can quickly create a collision, which can then leave those involved seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, one semi truck accident caused the death of two people in Nebraska.

Truck accident proves fatal for Nebraska motorcyclist

Collisions are frightening events for anyone to be a part of. When the vehicles involved in the accident are similar in size, the risk of injuries is possibly much less than when a crash occurs between two vehicles of varying size, such as a truck and a motorcycle. When a truck accident like this occurs, the results are all too often devastating. Being a patient and observant driver can help lessen the chance of an accident occurring.

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