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Explosion at Nebraska business causes serious injury to workers

An explosion at a maintenance garage in a small Nebraska town caused serious injury to two workers. The explosion occurred as a result of a leaking propane truck. If it is discovered that the truck's tank had a defect and that this defect is what caused the explosion, the people who suffered serious injury in the blast may seek to hold accountable the manufacturer of that tank.

Massive vehicle recall due to airbags with serious injury threat

In 1980, Ford recalled 21 million cars with transmission problems, and until recently, that was a record. Takata airbag manufacturers recalled 18 million vehicles recently, and the company now expanded that recall to total approximately 34 million vehicles with defective airbags, in Nebraska and elsewhere. The airbags that were intended to protect motorists from serious injury when accidents occur have turned out to be a severe threat, and multiple lives have been lost.

Hospital joins in defective product lawsuit

Many Nebraska readers have heard the term superbug but may not be quite clear on exactly what it means or what level of personal risk is posed by a superbug outbreak. In short, a superbug is a type of bacteria that has evolved to become highly resistant to antibiotics and poses a high level of risk to those who are exposed. Superbugs are often found in medical environments, where they have plenty of opportunities to grow stronger and spread. When a superbug outbreak occurs, those who are exposed can become very sick or even die. In the wake of a serious outbreak within one hospital, a defective product lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer of a medical scope believed to have spread the bacteria.

Lawsuit claims Electrolux microwave is defective product

Microwave ovens have become standard equipment in most American kitchens, and many families rely on these appliances to help prepare meals, snacks and beverages in a hurry. However, a recently filed defective product lawsuit claims that one of the nation's largest manufacturers of microwaves is selling units that can cause serious harm to users. For many in Nebraska, the following report will have them heading to the kitchen to check the make and model of their own microwave.

Defective product(s) by Mirka pose fire hazard

People who work in construction or complete do-it-yourself projects in Nebraska may be interested to learn that one type of orbital sander has recently been recalled. The Mirka CEROS sander has been known to short circuit, which poses a fire hazard. Such defective product(s) can end up costing someone his or her life or causing major injuries or property damage.

Nebraska farm job familiarity doesn't erase serious injury risk

For those who work on Nebraska farms, dealing with both mechanical and non-mechanical equipment and other items is a daily task. However, even individuals who have great familiarity with their jobs are at risk of serious injury. Sometimes, that serious injury can be traced back to a defective or flawed product. Consequently, every farm-related incident is typically investigated thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of any injuries suffered.

Another death allegedly follows serious injury caused by airbag

Nebraska residents may be aware of the numerous recalls related to dangerous airbags in various automobile models. A device that is meant to protect car accident victims against serious injury has turned out to threaten the lives of millions of motorists. The results of a recent investigation reveal that Honda and the manufacturers of the Takata airbags have apparently been aware of the deadly threat posed by the airbags for years before taking the recall action. It was reported that the vehicles of 11 auto manufacturers are fitted with airbags made by Takata.

Nebraska residents may not know facts about serious injury case

Nebraska residents may remember the famous lawsuit that swept the nation in the early 1990s -- when a woman sued McDonald's after she had spilled hot coffee on herself. After light was shed on the court case, American citizens quickly formed their own opinions on how the case should have turned out. Most simply based their opinion on the small amount of information that was supplied by the mass media. Unfortunately, if these people had looked at the actual details of the case, and the serious injury that the woman was left with, their opinions might have changed.

Potential recall of lawn tractors could affect Nebraska consumers

Nebraska consumers may be interested in a recent report by the poplar Consumer Reports website that states that Raven MPV-710 lawn tractors may be the subject of a recall pending discussions with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). According to the report, the tractors have dangerous design flaws that could pose a dangerous risk to consumers. The company that manufactures the tractors has not elaborated on their discussions or the status of any pending recall.

Drug manufacturer agrees to compensate women who suffered complications

Thousands of women have claimed that the oral contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin cause blood clots. As a result, some women say they have suffered heart attacks and strokes.

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