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If you are posting about your case on social media, you could be ruining your personal injury claim. When you’re going up against corporate lawyers you do not want to give them any more ammunition. You better believe that a company’s lawyers will delve into every aspect of your life in order to discredit you. Social media posts are public and can be admissible in court. Here are some things to keep in mind during your personal injury claim.

All social media posts are considered public record and as such are admissible in court. The defense’s lawyers can use posts to discredit your claim or defame your character. You want to present yourself in the best possible light when posting online. It is also important not to admit or assign guilt while posting online, as these can also be used against you in court. It is best to not discuss the trial and or incident at all online, as these could cost you a case.

Be mindful of what you are putting online. Social media posts can easily be taken out of context in court. If you are claiming a catastrophic injury but appear to be living your normal life on social media sites, the defense can use that to argue that you were not adversely affected.

When going into a trial, it is best practice to deactivate your social media accounts. While everything posted online is never truly deleted, it is easier moving forward to not post anything online. If you do not want to deactivate your social media accounts, bump up your privacy settings to the highest possible level. While this may not fully protect everything you put online, it is better than nothing.

Social media is a fact of life nowadays but don’t let it cost you thousands by blowing your personal injury claim. We are not telling you that you have to abstain from all social media, just to be mindful when you post. If you or a loved one is in need of representation, call us now for a free case review.

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