Have you or a loved one been injured due to the negligence of others? Some people are hesitant to bring about legal action against the offending party because of preconceived notions about the trial process. However, in real life, trials are not as dramatic as you see on TV, and the fact is, many personal injury cases can be settled out of court while still receiving fair compensation for the injuries. There are many steps our attorneys can take prior to a trial to secure a settlement.

In some cases, all that is needed is a demand letter. This is a letter we will send to the defendant and the defendants insurance company if needed. Basically this letter will state that you suffered injuries and believe you are entitled to compensation due to the defendant’s negligence. Although this will not always work to settle a case, in some instances the defendant or their insurance company will agree to pay the sum stated in the letter.

If the initial settlement offer is rejected, it is usually countered with a lower offer by the defendant’s insurance company. This will then begin settlement negotiations with the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. Offers will go back and forth until a settlement can be reached. During this time your attorney may present evidence to the defendant to demonstrate the strength of your case. In some circumstances you may attend mediation proceedings which can increase cooperation between both parties and costs less than taking a case to trial.

If no settlement can be reached, then a trial may be necessary. If this is the case, rest assured that our attorneys will tirelessly fight for your rights and demand a fair compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of others, call us for a free case review.

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