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Explosion at Nebraska business causes serious injury to workers

| Jul 10, 2015 | Products Liability

An explosion at a maintenance garage in a small Nebraska town caused serious injury to two workers. The explosion occurred as a result of a leaking propane truck. If it is discovered that the truck’s tank had a defect and that this defect is what caused the explosion, the people who suffered serious injury in the blast may seek to hold accountable the manufacturer of that tank.

Officials found that the propane truck was undergoing some repairs when it leaked propane. The vapors from the propane are what sparked the explosion. The manager of the site said there was a significant explosion with several smaller ones afterward.

Reports on the incident did not state the extent of the serious injury to both victims, just that they were badly burned. They had to be transported by helicopter to a medical facility that would be able to treat their specific injuries. Five other people who were injured, although not as badly, were taken to a local hospital to be treated. Along with the injuries to the seven workers, damages to the business’s building were initially estimated to be $900,000. Witnesses two blocks from the site said they could feel the effects of the explosion.

When a defective product ends up causing serious injury to a customer in Nebraska, it may lead to both physical and financial challenges for the victim. The incident may lead to large medical costs and prevent the person from being able to work for a time, thus leading to a loss of wages. In the recent explosion, the injured workers may pursue workers’ compensation insurance benefits, but they can also choose to file a suit against a third party — the propane tank manufacturer — if the tank was determined to be faulty, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages caused by the accident.

Source: ktiv.com, “NE State Fire Marshal: $900,000 in damages after an accidental explosion at Sapp Bros in West Point, NE”, July 1, 2015

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