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July 2015 Archives

Employee faces reversal in workers' compensation ruling

A workers' compensation ruling was recently reversed in a Nebraska Supreme Court decision. The court declared that the exclusion of one word from the correct standard to apply might be enough to withhold the workers' compensation benefits to an employee who had been injured at a social event organized by his employer. Although the employee's attorney had no comment about the ruling, the counsel for the employer conceded the legal process was not yet over.

Explosion at Nebraska business causes serious injury to workers

An explosion at a maintenance garage in a small Nebraska town caused serious injury to two workers. The explosion occurred as a result of a leaking propane truck. If it is discovered that the truck's tank had a defect and that this defect is what caused the explosion, the people who suffered serious injury in the blast may seek to hold accountable the manufacturer of that tank.

Machinist suffers on-the-job injury

When a worker has been injured on the job in Nebraska, this can pose a financial hardship on the worker and his or her family. One worker in another state recently suffered an on-the-job injury after working with a machine that did not have safety devices. This incident led to his employer being fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Who's Financially Responsible After Your Semi Truck Accident?

Semi Truck Accident Case: Will the Driver Himself Pay - or the Trucking Company...or...?

Today I'm going to try and answer some of your questions you might have after your semi truck accident - questions like; who's responsible for paying your damages? The truck driver? The Trucking company?

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