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January 2015 Archives

Failure to yield thought to be cause of Nebraska fatal accident

Abiding by the rules of the road is necessary to avoid any kind of traffic incident. Without adherence to proper driving techniques, a driver can make errors that could lead to a fatal accident. Even if the driver who caused a fatal crash was not intentionally trying to harm the other person, Nebraska law is clear that -- depending on the underlying facts -- the party at fault could be charged criminally and/or civilly.

Nebraska farm job familiarity doesn't erase serious injury risk

For those who work on Nebraska farms, dealing with both mechanical and non-mechanical equipment and other items is a daily task. However, even individuals who have great familiarity with their jobs are at risk of serious injury. Sometimes, that serious injury can be traced back to a defective or flawed product. Consequently, every farm-related incident is typically investigated thoroughly to determine the underlying cause of any injuries suffered.

Nebraska man to stand trial in fatal accident

Losing a loved one is difficult when it is expected. When it is sudden and violent, as is the case in a fatal accident, it can be a devastating blow to family members. As part of the grieving process, many Nebraska residents become outraged and are eager for justice. Even if criminal proceedings are underway, families may decide to seek their own justice as well by filing a wrongful death claim against the person or persons deemed responsible.

Unusual Nebraska truck accident leaves livestock roaming roadway

Truck accidents can result from a multitude of factors.  When the truck accident involves living freight, containing and clearing out the wreck often becomes difficult and costly. This was the case in a recent Nebraska collision.

Injuries are common consequences of Nebraska car crashes

A common result of two-vehicle accidents is that at least one party suffers from injuries sustained during the crash. The sheer force of the impact can throw the human body in a multitude of directions, depending upon where the impact occurs, the speed involved and other factors. It is hardly surprising that so many Nebraska headlines regarding car, SUV, truck and motorcycle accidents include mentions of injuries.

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