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November 2014 Archives

Nebraska car accident leaves 2 injured

New drivers are not as experienced as those that have been on the road for a longer period of time. Although this is not always an issue, it can create problems when these young drivers are put in situations while behind the wheel that benefit from experience. These kinds of situations can quickly escalate into accidents and may even leave those involved with serious injuries. Unfortunately, one car accident in Nebraska involving a new driver recently sent two people to the hospital.

Car Accident related death may lead to wrongful death claim

Car accidents happen every day in Nebraska. When those accidents result in fatality, families are left devastated. When a loved one is taken in such a sudden and unexpected way, it is completely understandable for surviving family members to have questions and a need for closure. If negligence is suspected in contributing to a crash, a wrongful death claim may offer legal recourse for the decedent's family.

8 injured in car accident in Nebraska involving 5 vehicles

Car accidents that involve two vehicles are often serious enough, but, when multiple vehicles are involved, the severity of the incident is often heightened. A multi-car accident can leave those involved with severe injuries, and send numerous people to the hospital. Unfortunately, one recent car accident in Nebraska ended with eight individuals being sent to the hospital for treatment.

1 man dies in truck accident between 2 trucks in Nebraska

Those who drive large commercial trucking vehicles need to be extra careful while on the road. These types of vehicles can be more dangerous than a regular passenger car due to a truck's size and lack of maneuverability. Failure of the part of truck drivers in Nebraska to be cautious can result in serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, this was the result of a recent truck accident in Thayer County.

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