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October 2014 Archives

Another death allegedly follows serious injury caused by airbag

Nebraska residents may be aware of the numerous recalls related to dangerous airbags in various automobile models. A device that is meant to protect car accident victims against serious injury has turned out to threaten the lives of millions of motorists. The results of a recent investigation reveal that Honda and the manufacturers of the Takata airbags have apparently been aware of the deadly threat posed by the airbags for years before taking the recall action. It was reported that the vehicles of 11 auto manufacturers are fitted with airbags made by Takata.

Truck crash in Nebraska injures 3

Semi-trucks are vital vehicles in the nation's massive economy, and they share the roads that are traveled by standard vehicles every day. However, when one of these massive trucks is involved in a collision with a standard vehicle, it can have severe consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, one truck crash in Nebraska recently injured several people.

Driver faces charges following truck accident in Nebraska

Awareness is of the utmost importance when driving a motor vehicle. Drivers need to make sure they have been properly rested in order to avoid falling asleep on the road. This could lead to a serious accident which may cause injuries or even death. This seems to have been the case in a recent truck accident in Nebraska.

Nebraska car accident injures 2 in Scottsbluff

Pedestrian accidents typically cause severe injuries. However, if these victims are treated soon enough, many of them can be saved. Although the hospital can often help the victim recuperate and slowly return to their lives, no one can fully heal the emotional wounds that are caused by being in an accident. Fortunately, one Nebraska victim's condition has been upgraded to fair after he was injured in a car accident.

Nebraska fatal accident takes a life in Omaha

Car accidents can be serious enough if trucks are involved, but if a motorcycle is caught in the collision the severity of the accident can be increased dramatically. The lack of protection that a motorcycle provides its rider, combined with the widespread negligence of drivers when motorcycles are around, can quickly create dangerous situations. These situations sometimes lead to an accident that injures or even kills the motorcycle rider. Unfortunately, one fatal accident in Nebraska recently killed a rider.

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