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Nebraska officials take action after third car accident

Car accidents have become commonplace in modern society, though the majority of these accidents are minor enough that no one involved is injured. When accidents are serious enough to injure those involved, special actions are sometimes taken to help prevent future accidents, especially if the injured victims were children. Fortunately, officials of a Nebraska school system are taking action after several children were injured in a car accident.

The first two accidents occurred on Aug. 13 as two students were riding their bikes home from school. The most recent accident took place on Aug. 15 when two students were running between cars as they crossed the street. The students ran in front of a car that had stopped at a stop sign and was slowly driving down the road.

None of the students were seriously injured in the accidents, and only one is still in the hospital. Lincoln Public Schools officials stated that they would be sending letters home to remind parents that safety is key and to be careful when driving near a school. The letters will also include safety tips that parents can talk to their children about.

Hopefully, both Nebraska parents and children will keep the safety tips in mind when they are near schools, so as prevent a car accident from occurring. Car accidents involving children are never acceptable, especially if the children are seriously injured. These letters and other actions may help reduce the number of accidents that take place near schools. When injuries do result, parents may benefit by gaining an understanding of their rights under applicable laws.

Source:, "Students hurt in traffic accidents prompts LPS message to parents", Margaret Reist, Aug. 15, 2014

Source:, "Students hurt in traffic accidents prompts LPS message to parents", Margaret Reist, Aug. 15, 2014

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