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June 2014 Archives

Fatal accident in Nebraska kills 1

Car accidents that are caused by an intoxicated individual driving in a negligent manner can be serious enough, but if a pedestrian is involved it can make the injuries even more serious. The lack of protection of the pedestrian and the inhibited motor skills of the driver can create catastrophic situations that severely injure or even kill the pedestrian. Unfortunately, one fatal accident in Nebraska may have been caused by a drunk driver.

Man pleads not guilty in relation to Nebraska fatal accident

Car accidents that injure those involved can be emotionally trying for all the individuals in the accident, but the family of the victim can feel emotional pain for an extended period of time if a victim is killed. These types of emotional wounds can last much longer than physical injuries, and impact the life of the injured person or surviving relatives greatly. One man recently pleaded not guilty to several counts of vehicular homicide that stemmed from a fatal accident in Nebraska.

Semi truck accident that hurt Tracy Morgan common in Nebraska

18-wheeler trucks are often a popular way for large companies to ship their goods across the United States; however, the drivers of these trucks may not always be the most aware and alert drivers if their company requires extensive driving time from them. Whether these drivers are in Nebraska or any other location in America, the those driving around these massive vehicles can be in serious danger if the truck driver is not aware of their surroundings. Unfortunately, one semi truck accident in New Jersey recently left the well-known comedian Tracy Morgan with serious injuries.

Car accident in Nebraska causes wrongful death of 1

Car accidents that injure the victims involved can be tragic enough for the families of the victims, but when a victim is killed, it can take an even heavier emotional toll on people. Not being able to say goodbye to their loved one can make the event harder for the family, especially if the driver who caused the accident does not stay at the scene. Unfortunately, a hit-and-run accident in Nebraska caused the wrongful death of one man.

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