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March 2014 Archives

Wrongful death of passenger caused by car accident in Nebraska?

Drivers have a lot of responsibility when they are transporting someone else from one place to another. Every time they get into a car, the passenger is putting their life in the hands of the driver. Sometimes this can lead to the injury or even death of the passenger if the driver makes the wrong decision and causes an accident. Unfortunately, a car accident recently caused the wrongful death of one passenger in Nebraska.

Fatal accident in Nebraska causes wrongful death

Although bicyclists are as vulnerable as regular pedestrians when they are on the road, unlike pedestrians, bicyclists often drive on the road with other vehicles that are much bigger than them. Unfortunately, this means that they are more prone to being involved in an accident if another driver is operating his or her vehicle in a negligent manner. This, combined with the lack of protection that bicyclists have, can create devastating accidents that can injure a victim or result in a wrongful death. One fatal accident in Nebraska tragically took the life of one bicyclist recently.

Worker killed from on-the-job injury in Nebraska

Unfortunately, some companies put their workers at risk of injury or death every day. Although some hazards are unpreventable on the job site, others could be prevented if the right steps were taken to insure the safety of the workers nearby. However, these steps are not always taken by those who are in charge of the work site, and some workers are put at risk for no reason at all. One worker died from an on-the-job injury that resulted from an accident in Nebraska.

Car accident in Nebraska causes wrongful death of young boy

Car accidents that injure or kill their victims are tragic; however, those that take the lives of children are often considered much more devastating than other accidents. Many consider the life of a child to be more precious than almost anything else, and it is therefore one of the most tragic ocurrences. Unfortunately, a car accident in Nebraska recently caused the wrongful death of a young boy.

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