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January 2014 Archives

Nebraska woman may have caused the wrongful death of one person

The death of a loved one in a car accident can emotionally wreck a family, but if the person who kills the victim does not even stop after the car accident, the wounds that are left can be even worse. Fortunately, police forces across the United States work diligently to bring these type of people to justice. One woman in Nebraska was recently charged for fleeing an accident that caused the wrongful death of one individual.

Nebraska accident caused the wrongful death of 2 people

Accidents can happen anywhere and, depending on the situation, those involved can be seriously injured or even killed because of the accident. If an individual is killed, it can leave a lasting emotional toll on their family members. Emotional wounds of this type can change the lives of those affected forever. Although time will slowly help them cope, the scars are still there. Unfortunately, an accident in Nebraska caused the wrongful death of multiple people.

Car accident in Nebraska injures 1

Hundreds of car accidents occur every day on the numerous roads that intertwine across the United States. Most of them are not too severe and may involve one or two minor injuries; however, some collisions are much more severe and can leave the individuals involved with very serious injuries or even result in death. If the high speeds that are associated with the interstate are mixed in with the accident, the injuries can be even more severe. One car accident in Nebraska recently left one victim injured.

Nebraska politician in fatal accident; possible wrongful death

Accidents happen every day across the United States and can involve anyone. It does not matter if the person is famous or an important official; their life can be taken just as easily as any other person. However, it does not matter what the person's position in life was, the family will still feel the grief of losing a loved one. Unfortunately, a fatal accident in Nebraska recently killed a woman who was once a Nebraska senator and could result in a wrongful death claim.

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