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September 2013 Archives

Could medical errors constitute a wrongful death in Nebraska?

Most Nebraska readers remember the day that a pilot safely landed his plane in the Hudson River. The sound recording between him and the air traffic control tower quickly went viral because of his calm and collected tone, and many considered him a national hero. However, after the media moved on to another story not much was heard about the steely pilot. Now, however, he is fighting an even bigger threat that could be a cause for the wrongful death for hundreds of innocent victims.

Personal injury claims in Nebraska often a struggle

Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, no matter how minor the injury sustained might be. Unfortunately, as many Nebraska residents have discovered, receiving insurance compensation for a minor injury can be problematic. A recent study suggests that even if an accident is not deemed to be the fault of the injured party, insurance companies may be reticent about paying out claims.

Car wreck in Nebraska kills man

Car accidents that involve tractor trailers are often severe, if not fatal. A regular sized car or even a smaller truck does not have physics on its side when it is involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Tragedy surrounds tractor trailer accidents because of their enormous size. Even when a driver is passed by one of those massive motor vehicles, their car usually shakes. A Nebraska man was tragically killed recently in a car wreck that involved a semi-truck and another car.


Friedman Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. Announces  "FREE SAFE RIDE HOME" After Home Football Games.  Keeping drunk drivers off the road is the goal of the program

Lincoln, NE, September 4, 2013 - Friedman Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O. of Lincoln continues their long-time commitment to keep drunk drivers off the street by teaming with OMALiNK, a Lincoln ground transportation company that provides van shuttle and limousine service. The Friedman Law firm is sponsoring a Free Safe Ride Home service after all Nebraska home football games during the 2013 football season. OMALiNK vans will be available downtown, near the corner of 14th & O Streets, for three hours after each home football game, providing rides home (within Lincoln) to licensed drivers who have had too much to drink. Herb Friedman said "Each year thousands of people are injured or killed because of drunk drivers and drunk driving is particularly common on game days. This program is in keeping with the firm's long time commitment to keep drunk drivers off the street. The Friedman Holiday Taxi Service has been a Lincoln tradition for over twenty years. We want folks to have a good time, but we want them to drive safe."

Fatal accident in Nebraska claims life of young man

Owning a motorcycle is often the fantasy of most American teenage boys. Their low gas consumption and the fun that goes with riding one make a motorcycle even more enticing. However, motorcycles are not known for their safety, and all too many young lives have been claimed by an accident that involves one of these machines. These accidents are not always caused by the actions of the motorcyclists, but instead the negligence of other drivers. Unfortunately, a young Nebraska man was killed recently in a fatal accident.