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August 2013 Archives

Nebraska teen dies in single car wreck

A night of fun and friends turned tragic when a Nebraska teenager from Eagle died from his injuries in a one car wreck. This tragedy might have been avoided if the passengers had been wearing seat belts. According to the Lancaster sheriff, the chances for survival of a passenger wearing a safety belt is much greater in a roll-over car wreck.

Nebraska car accident takes man's life

Death is always tragic to the family of the recently deceased, especially when the death is unexpected. An unforeseen car accident can devastate a family, but if it is fatal the accident can completely turn their whole world upside down. Unfortunately, a Nebraska family is now feeling this pain after a fatal car accident claimed another life.

Fatal accident in Nebraska injures 2 and kills 1

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, especially when a semi-truck is involved. The accident is often ten times worse when one of these massive vehicles is involved, and the effects are also often much worse. Unfortunately, a Nebraska woman has died after receiving serious injuries from a fatal accident.

Fatal accident in Nebraska results in death and brain injury

Accidents happen all over the United States every day. These can include cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and in some regions like Nebraska where there are Amish communities, horse-drawn carts can be involved. Unfortunately, one such accident occurred on July 21 when a woman ran into the back of a horse-drawn buggy and caused a fatal accident.

Nebraska car accident death toll rises from 2012

Under any circumstances, suffering a serious injury is traumatic and often life changing. Being involved in a car accident that was the fault of another party adds to the trauma, resulting in shock and even feelings of anger. While no amount of financial compensation can heal the wounds, a successfully litigated personal injury suit may ease some of the financial issues that inevitably accompany these types of tragedies.

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