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Representing Hypoxic Brain Injury Victims

The brain is a mysterious and complex organ. Oxygen is its fuel. When that flow of oxygen is interrupted, a hypoxic-anoxic injury (HAI) can occur causing severe cognitive neurological damage. At the Friedman Law Offices, P.C., L.L.O., we have experience handling these complex personal injury claims.

Since 1962, our personal injury lawyers have helped Nebraska residents during the most difficult times in their lives. We team with medical experts to determine the extent of the injury and the compensation needed both short-term and long-term.

When the life of a brain damaged newborn or adult is forever changed, you need aggressive advocacy in this highly emotional area of personal injury law. Contact us at 888-419-6876.

The Effects of Hypoxic Brain Injuries on Newborns

Hypoxic brain injuries that occur at birth require personalized attention from an experienced and compassionate attorney. Parents anticipating the birth of their child are devastated to learn that the negligence of a medical professional caused the life-altering damages to their baby. While the parents deal with the emotional fallout of severe brain damage or cerebral palsy, we work on building their claim.

Adults Suffering Severe Brain Damage

Injuries to the brain can also occur to adults in automobile accidents. Severe head trauma from a collision or exposure to car exhaust following the crash can have catastrophic and deadly results. In many cases, a primary wage earner can no longer provide for his family. We can help you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

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