There is more to safe driving than just staying off of your phone. Every year, distracted driving injures thousands of people, some of which can be fatal. Distracted driving is 100% preventable and can save the lives of hundreds every year. 

I’m sure you’ve seen distracted drivers around your town or you may know a few of them. It might even be yourself. Distracted driving isn’t only limited to texting while driving – although this is the most common especially in today’s world. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,142 people were killed as a result of distracted driving. 100% of these deaths could have been prevented if drivers were not distracted while operating a motor vehicle. At 55 mph, taking your eyes off the road for 5 seconds is like driving the length of an American football field. A Lot can happen in those ~5 seconds. 

Although texting is perhaps the most dangerous type of distraction, it is not the only one that can impact how you drive. Here are a few things that are considered distractions to drivers: 

  • Talking on the phone, even if using a hands free device
  • Eating or drinking a beverage 
  • Talking to other passengers 
  • Shaving, combing hair, applying makeup, etc.
  • Reading navigation instructions 
  • Fiddling with the radio 

According to the NHTSA, young drivers are the most distracted age group with teens being the largest reported group of fatal crashes caused by distracted driving. 

There is nearly an unlimited amount of distractions in today’s world and with 6 billion text messages exchanged daily in the U.S alone, how can you, and your loved ones, stay safe while operating a motor vehicle? Here are some ideas:

Don’t use your phone: This includes talking and texting. Unless there is an emergency, in which case you should pull off of the roadway, you should never use your phone while driving. 

Eat before you leave, or after you get there: We get it, you may get hungry or thirsty behind the wheel, but trying to scarf down a slice of pizza while focusing on the roadway will divide your attention from the things that matter – the roadway. Keep your meals and driving separate so you’re not taking your attention away from driving.

Know where you’re going: It sucks getting lost, but messing around with the GPS on your car or phone can lead to an accident. Before you leave from your starting location, make sure your route is set properly and voice prompts are turned on so you don’t have to look down for every direction.

Talk to your family about safe driving: A simple conversation with your family about the dangers of distracted driving can potentially save you an accident down the road. If you have young drivers in your family, talk to them about the importance of keeping the phone put away until they get to their destination. There is no text that’s worth being injured over. 

Watch for other distracted drivers: Even if you aren’t driving distracted, that doesn’t mean other drivers aren’t. Drive defensively and stay in control of your vehicle. If you’re focusing on the road, you’ll have a better chance at reacting if someone else makes a wrong move.

Distracted driving isn’t just something that happens. It’s 100% preventable if we all do our part to make the roads safer for everyone. To learn more about distracted driving prevention techniques, visit EndDD.

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