It can be easy to take our safety for granted. Getting from point A to point B in our vehicles is something we routinely do and oftentimes we don’t think twice about it. However, every time you’re traveling in a vehicle, there is a risk of getting into an accident and potentially being injured. Being prepared for if/when this happens can make all the difference in the outcome of the accident and the case itself. 

At Friedman Law Office, we are here to guide you through every step of the process in the event that you get into an accident. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re at the scene of an accident and what you should do following the accident: 

At the Scene of the Accident

The first thing you should do is check for injuries and seek medical attention immediately if necessary. No matter who was at fault, it’s important to put the medical needs of yourself and others involved first. When the paramedics arrive, if they want to take you to the hospital for additional screening, it’s in your best interest to go – not only for your safety but for your case as well. Refusing medical attention could impact the outcome of your case and the validity of your injuries. 

Nowadays, nearly everyone carries a cellphone in their pocket. Document the scene of the accident by taking pictures from various angles. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, nearby road signs, damage to property, etc. We recommend writing down what happened as well. It will help you recall the events more clearly at a later date, as well as help your lawyer and insurance agent piece together information about what happened. 

Next, collect the name, address, and insurance company of the other drivers involved. If you can, get the names, contact information, and a brief statement from any witnesses at the scene. Witnesses are not legally required to provide you with any information, but a statement from another source can help the jury have an unbiased and credible account of the accident. 

You may be tempted to give a statement to the police officer, but you should refrain from doing so until you’ve consulted with an auto and truck crash attorney. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law and could potentially reduce your compensation. 

Seek Medical Attention After Leaving the Scene

After you leave the scene of the accident, if medical personnel weren’t called, you should see a doctor right away – no matter how minor it is. When you’re in an accident, your adrenaline will be surging and can block pain. After the adrenaline has subsided, you may feel the actual impact of the accident. Not only does seeking medical attention ensure your safety, but it also is one of the most credible ways to receive the full compensation of damages. 

Without a medical exam immediately after the accident, the opposing insurance adjuster can have reason to argue that your initial injuries were not as bad as you claimed. Or, that you sustained the injuries as a result of something else. 

Report Accident to your Insurance Company 

Once the dust has settled and you’re able to think clearly, you should report the accident to your insurer – the quicker the better. You’re not required by law to report an auto accident to your auto insurance provider, but your policy likely requires it. 

Talk to your attorney before reporting the accident to your insurance company as they may ask you for a statement recounting the event. You do not want to admit or assign fault and do not try to overstate your injuries. Stick to the factual information that you know.

The last thing you should do is notify the at-fault driver’s insurance provider and submit a claim. Prior to speaking with another individual about the accident, you should consult your attorney to ensure you have all the correct information. 

Our team of lawyers will do everything in their power to help you win your case. We understand the ins and outs of insurance injury claims, and we’re prepared to fight for YOU. Our experienced team of lawyers will sit down with you and discuss your case from start to finish. 

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