May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As the seasons change, more and more motorcycles will be touching the asphalt. Whether you drive a car, truck, or motorcycle, it is important to know how to keep the roads safe for everyone involved. 

Unfortunately, 80% of all motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, compared to 20% of all car accidents. Not all accidents are due to a collision with another vehicle. Debris on the road, animals, and not wearing proper safety equipment can all be contributing factors. 

Here are some helpful tips to be aware of this summer. When everyone is involved in keeping riders safe, the roads are a much more enjoyable place for all. 

Tips To Help Keep Riders Safe

Depending on where you live,  you may not see motorcycles year-round. When the weather becomes warmer, motorcycles start to hit the roads again. Make sure you’re especially vigilant and respectful of others as you drive, whether you are in a car, truck, or motorcycle. Here are a few tips to help keep our two-wheeled friends safe this summer. 


  • Double-check your blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller and move quickly. They are harder to see, especially if they are in your blind spot. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Constantly scan the road and approach the intersection slowly – especially in a left-hand turn. This is how most motorcycle accidents happen.
  • Allow for plenty of distance. Leave between two and three car lengths between you and a motorcyclist. A motorcyclist may not always use their brakes when decelerating and may be doing so by downshifting or simply letting off the gas. Having an ample amount of distance will also give you time to react should the rider fall off for any reason. 


  • Watch out for road debris. Road hazards can be detrimental to a motorcycle due to its small size. Slow down around corners and hills as you never know what could be lurking on the other side. 
  • Watch out for potholes. After the winter, roads can be much rougher due to the salt and snow eroding away at the concrete. Hitting a pothole could send you flying and severely damage you and your motorcycle. 
  • Be cautious during turns. A large majority of motorcycle accidents happen during a left-hand turn. Double and triple-check that there is no oncoming traffic before making your turn. 
  • Be mindful of the weather. Even if the day started out sunny, the weather can change quickly, and you don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm. Rain makes the pavement incredibly slippery, and if you add leaves, grass clippings, or gravel – it can be similar to driving on ice. 

It’s a Team Effort 

The road doesn’t just belong to cars and trucks. Motorcycles and bicyclists have just as much right away on the road as any other vehicle, so long as they meet the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) standards. When everyone is aware of how to keep our two and three-wheeled friends safe, the road is more fun for everyone. A motorcycle is supposed to be a fun, exhilarating experience, and you shouldn’t have to always be concerned about whether you’re going to be safe or not. 

We all need to do our part to help keep motorcyclists and bicyclists safe. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another individual. Contact Friedman Law Offices. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.