Lawsuits are not won by people who go into court unprepared, simply demanding money because of a grievance. Every legal claim has numerous parts that must come together to prove and win your case and understanding how to prepare prior to stepping into the courtroom for your trial is vital.

Get a Feel for the Courtroom Environment

It will be far easier (and less stressful) to succeed in your trial if you are comfortable in a courtroom. If you have never visited one before, do so before your trial. If possible, go to the courthouse and sit in on some trials that have cases similar to yours – this will help you see how other people lay out their claims and show evidence to prove them.

Also, pay attention to how judges and/or juries respond to people’s presentations to see what can cause positive or negative reactions. Small claims trials are especially easy to watch. You can watch a few trials in about an hour since they tend not to take very long.

Knowing what it looks and feels like to be in a courtroom, as well as how people interact, will go a long way towards helping you feel more relaxed during your own trial.

Mind Your Manners

Before you go into a courtroom, remember that you need to show an extra degree of respect during your trial. This respect goes not only to the judge and jury but also to attorneys, witnesses, but also to your opponent – decency and calmness are important for keeping courtrooms running smoothly.

Even if your opponent becomes belligerent, or if a lawyer or the judge does not seem to be taking you seriously, keep calm. Do not interrupt anyone, especially the judge, as this will just reflect poorly on you. Should you need to address the judge, make sure to address him/her as “Your Honor,” and not by their name or “Judge.”

Prior to your day in court, your attorney will also go over other aspects of what to expect and will help you prepare for potential questions that you may be asked – if you have any questions about the process and/or what you need to do once you’re in the courtroom, this is the perfect time to ask. Remember, it’s important to heed the advice given to you by your legal team!

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