As spring moves to summer, people tend to gravitate to the outdoors. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors either at work or at play, but as the temperature rises, so do some injuries. It is essential to be aware of some common summer work injuries to avoid hazards and be as safe as possible at work.

Heat Stroke

Heat is a hazard in the summer for those who work outdoors, but it can also cause problems for indoor jobs. Bakeries, foundries, and anywhere else that deal with appliances that generate heat are at risk of having injured employees.

Heat-related illnesses happen when the body cannot get rid of heat enough to stay the right temperature. As a result, the body‘s internal temperature rises, and it causes such symptoms as confusion, feelings of disorientation, cramping, and thirst.

Workers most often experience heatstroke in the summer. Heatstroke is a severe illness and is life-threatening. Before heat stroke, workers experience heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is evident by lots of sweating, but when the illness moves to heatstroke, they stop sweating. It is essential to address heat-related illnesses immediately.


Heat and exposure to the sun may also lead to dehydration. Ideally, workers are given breaks to rest and have ample access to water while at work. Dehydration leads to delayed reaction time, which leads to a decline in productivity. There is also a reduction in mental and physical performance due to dehydration. Signs of dehydration include headaches, the inability to concentrate, and tiredness. Lastly, since dehydration leads to delayed reaction time and a loss of mental performance, there is a higher probability that other accidents could occur as a result.

Machinery Related Work Injuries

Beautiful weather typically means construction is in full force, and that agriculture work is picking up. Summer months also means common summer work injuries often involve heavy machinery. Many times, machinery-related accidents are due to multiple factors, including inexperience, lack of safety protocols, overworking, and the lack of visibility of workers.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Surprisingly, driving in the summer is riskier compared to other months. There are many more people on the roads in the summer, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Congested roads lead to irate drivers with short tempers who may make decisions on the roads that put others at risk. Also, with all the road construction worksites in place, accidents involving motor vehicles and construction workers are higher in the summer, as well.

Trips and Falls

Trips and falls are common workplace injuries all the time, but the instances of injuries related to slips, trips, and falls increase in the summer months. As summer heats up, there is an increase in outdoor jobs in the service industry, construction, and agriculture, to name a few. Improper footwear, uneven surfaces, and lack of attention all play a part in incidents involving trips and falls.

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