Often times, employers and their insurance companies deny workers’ compensation claims, even the ones that are legitimate. After the insurance company denies a claim, the injured party is left to work through the maze of paperwork and appeals. This causes unnecessary pain and frustration. The insurance company and the lawyers that represent it typically don’t give any advice or help to the injured party. Because of this, it begins to feel like giving up is easier than working through a process that does not seem to have their best interests in mind.

If your claim is denied or disputed by your employer or an insurance company, an attorney can help. They will help you navigate the complicated appeals process. Without an attorney who understands the rules and procedures, you can be at a disadvantage.

Using an Attorney to Help Navigate the Workers’ Compensation System 

A qualified attorney skilled in workers’ compensation cases helps the injured party by giving advice and guidance. Just as importantly, the attorney handles the copious amounts of paperwork workers’ compensation cases require to find a successful resolution.

Collecting Medical Evidence For Comp Cases

One reason a workers’ comp case might be denied is due to the lack of medical evidence supporting the injured person’s claims. Having an attorney who understands the importance of documenting all medical treatments and preserving these records as evidence means you are far more likely to win your claim.

There’s a lot of details to consider when dealing with medical records. Besides accurately describing the injury, the documents must include the opinions of doctors. The attorney will include the views of doctors who are independent of the case.

After gathering this documentation, an attorney will aid in determining future medical expenses so the negligent party can be held responsible.

Collecting Vocational Evidence For Your Claim

At the end of your medical treatment, your doctor will understand any future limitations you will face because of your injury. Attorneys can help gather evidence proving those restrictions. The evidence gathered will support recommendations for any future physical limitations. In some cases, the injured party is unable to return to work at the same capacity as before the injury.

Occupational experts are essential in a workers’ comp case. They work to prove how injuries prevent you from being able to complete the expectations of your job. Also, occupational experts shed light on what job duties you can expect to successfully manage in the future.

An attorney will help you by gathering all evidence supporting the occupational expert’s case. Afterward, they will help determine your future earning potential based on these limitations.

Negotiating a Settlement With an Attorney

Insurance companies use all kinds of negotiating tricks to bring down the cost of a settlement. They often give low-ball offers, and final offers are often not actually final. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to help you obtain a more favorable settlement. Furthermore, correctly written settlement agreements prevent future problems.

The work that goes into ensuring a fair resolution to a workers’ comp case is complicated. Often, the injured party finds the process beyond their reach because they are already suffering from a work-related injury. If you have been injured at work, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The attorneys at Friedman Law Offices, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, are experts in workers’ compensation representation – we can help in your recovery by representing your interests and advocating for your current and future care.