At work, even when we’re being the most careful, accidents can happen. No matter the work setting, whether that be an office, outdoors or in an industrial work environment, your employer is required to have workers compensation insurance (save for a few exceptions). If you or someone you know has just been injured on the job, they might have a lot of questions; claims can become confusing, stressful and at times, it can be difficult to work with your employer’s insurance. 

To help navigate this process, here are some of the most common Worker’s Compensation questions our attorneys receive: 

What should I do if I’ve been hurt on the job?

In a previous blog, we laid out some of the best first steps to take in the event of an accident at work. 

It’s also important to remember to track all time missed from work due to the accident, any receipts from prescriptions and to follow your doctor’s treatment plan. You are also encouraged to make copies of any work restrictions your doctor prescribes you and give these to your supervisor. 

Do I need to ask permission from my employer before receiving medical attention?

No, if you are injured on the job and it’s a necessity to be seen immediately, you should do so. Your safety and well-being are first and foremost in any accident. If you have a regular physician, you’re entitled to choose your doctor for the initial treatment without prior approval from your employer. However, if you don’t, then your employer may have the right to choose the doctor for your initial evaluation.

Either way, your employer and your employer’s insurance company are the parties responsible for your necessary care in the event of a work-related accident. 


What if I don’t fully recover from this injury?

Sadly, this can happen in many work injury cases but luckily, there are protections set in place for this circumstance. The law requires your employer and their insurance company to pay “permanent disability benefits” in the event you do not fully recover from an injury. In Nebraska, these benefits are supposed to be in weekly payments and the amount depends on the type of permanent injury sustained. In this case, it is particularly beneficial to hire legal aid to sort these benefits out for you. 

Once again, navigating a Worker’s Compensation claim can be a long and confusing process. If you experience a work related injury and have questions or concerns to how your claim is being handled, it is crucial to have experienced legal aid on your side. Don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation where we can answer any questions specific to your case.